Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Socialism and or Catholisim

Politics really have been on my mind lately I have been doing a lot of research on our president and how the church views his many policies. So tonight I am going to begin writing a series of articles that will pull from my research. Now I know I lean to the more conservative side of things but I vote with my heart and my heart is with Christ. So I don’t always see the rosy side of things on the republican side of the isle either.

I saw the news tonight and it was on the Fox News network and there was a story that really had me thinking. Now when it comes to financial politics I never know which side of the fence I should fall on one side tax breaks for the rich while we have people starving on the streets seems unfair. But I can’t say that the demicrates new theory of redistibution seems right as well. That really got me thinking about the way things have been heading. It seems that our current administration is looking to move more in the direction of socializing healthcare as well as now it seems they are looking at a new more socialistic approach at our economy.

So what does this mean to me a catholic I have never really looked at what the church teaches in reguards to socialism seems that most of Europe is heading in that direction. So I sat down at my computer and what I found floored me.

Let me go back and explain what the story on FOX News was all about. The government now that they have bailed out the banks are starting to lay down restrictions on what those banks can pay there executives. Part of me thought this is a good thing but there was a concern in the pit of my stomach. The story went on to tell about how these restrictions were not just for the banks that were bailed out but now will be enforced on all banks. Still I sat there torn on how to react to this.

This is a giant leap towards socialism this is a very slippery slop if I’m ok with this then what else will I be ok with. That’s what sent me into my research.

I found that Pope Leo XIII in 1891 wrote an encyclical condemning socialism and mandatory redistribution of wealth on the grounds that it is stealing from the lawful possessor of the money. It also hurt the recipient by stealing the hope and fealling of accoplishment away from them. And third it distort the role of the state look at many socialistic governments today they ban the practise of there faith because it steals power from the government as they see it.

Now don’t get me wrong that was not all that Leo had to say it also goes on to say that the wealthy have an obligation to help the poor to get involved state run programs separate the wealthy and the poor so that the poor see the state as the savior not the ones that supplied the help and the wealthy have no satisfaction for what they have done because they never see it.

Now for those of you who say this was written in 1891 it is so out of date well POPE John Paul II wrote another encyclical in 1991 stating that the church still holds true to this teaching

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Health care Crisis

This morning I was watching the news and saw our president speaking about health care in our country I saw him speaking about how over whelming the costs are to our government. I heard him vow to get healthcare to toughs that need it. It made me feel like on this topic maybe he is going on the right direction.

That is if I didn’t realize that this is the same man who sponcered the FOCA bill when he was in the senate and is pushing to have it put back through now that he sits in the white house.

So what does that mean well it means that our Catholic hospitals will have there rights taken away from them they will no longer be able to not support abortions. So what will that mean to the health care in this country.

It means that the 624 hospitals in this country that are sponsored by the catholic church may be forced to sell or close there doors in order to follow there conscience. It means that Catholics will have one more thing to think about before they head of to medical school or getting there nursing degree. Do they really want to have to be forced someday to perform abortions or find themselves in jail or heavy fines?

The wording in FOCA as it was stated the first time is that Abortion is a fundamental right that no government can deny or interfere with. These are strong words what does this open us up to what will this in the end do to our Health care system in this country.
Sweden the most Pro-abortion country in the world just made Abortion a right to those not wanting to have a certain sex. So if you didn’t want another baby girl you could just abort the child.

I am going to spend an hour at adoration tonight in prayer and I will bring this with me.
Maybe you could spend time in prayer this week as well.

University of shame

I sit here tonight with a heavy heart. Politics is that all this world has come too.
As a catholic and as a man I live my life not to please others or even to win them over.
I live for one reason and that is to do Gods will I’m not a priest or even a deacon I am a man. I don’t look to please others but to share with them the Love that God has for them and so they can feel as special as I do when I’m in his presence. We are all called to this we are all called to be Disciples of Christ.

So why is it that we have our Catholic institutions of “higher Learning” honoring those that Support this culture of Death. I fear for our youth I fear for my child. What do you do when you have this agenda going all around you? You can see it and it’s like all these leaders these men that we place the lives of our children into there hands. And even when every last bishop in this country tells you that your wrong and thousands of alumni and students and fellow Catholics appose what you are about to do. You don’t even acknowledge the fact.

I pray for Notre dame I pray for all the universities catholic and Non. That is not only pushing the wrong agenda to our children. But honoring those that head these agenda’s whether it’s the culture of death. The pornographic agenda that promotes the sexploitation of our children. Or the culture of alternative lifestyle that promotes same sex marriage.

How is it that we have gotten so far off track?

How is it that we have lost all control of ourselves?

Pray, Pray, Pray

Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer for light !

O Holy Spirit of God, take me as thy disciple.

Guide me, Illuminate me, Sanctafy me.

Bind my hands that they may do no evil.

Cover my Eyes that they may see it no more.

Sanctify my heart, tht evil may not dwell with in me.

Be thou my God, be thou my Guide

Where ever you lead me, I will go.

What so evre you forbid, I will renounce.

and what so ever you caommandest me, in thy strenght I will do.

Lead me to the fullness of your truth.

Amen -Cardinal Manning

You know I am a man And I am a sinner. This lent this prayer was given to me I pray it everytime I have thoughts I should not. Let me tell you It really has changed my life. The holy spirit can change you.

I pray that this could help but one other person..

I pray for you all.